HELP? Passthrough error - unsuccessful // Set Focus fails "material didn't measure" // Unit prints if I skip setting focus (on regular size prints)

Unable to get past the first part of setting up a passthrough print.

Artwork is placed, pass-through option selected, material and settings are also set.
Once print is selected after a few scanning motions, the “print unsuccessful” error appears indicating to either align manually or cancel print. On this screen, the UI has advanced to what would have been the second part of the print. The First part has not printed yet.

Thinking there might be communication issues as noted in a previous post- I looked at my ribbon cables which are seated fine and I tested the GF using small cuts (no pass-thru) which are successful.
Also tested adding a UI basic shape with pass-thru option assuming something was wrong with my file , but nope this was unsuccessful as well.

  • I’ve cleaned all my optics and camera lens.

  • I believe this issue seems might be related to “material not measuring” since I realize this is an error I am receiving as well when I attempt to set focus.

  • I recalibrated the camera, the same issue remains on pass through prints.“Print Unsuccessful”

  • GF does print regular-sized artwork by going straight to print- without selecting set focus.

  • If I " Set focus" I get “Materials not measuring” error

Any advice? Help?
(edited with more info as I troubleshoot)

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Hi @DQu. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve hit some trouble with Passthrough prints and the Set Focus function. I saw you also emailed us about this issue, and I just sent you a response on there. Please check your inbox for my email. I’ll leave this forum thread open until tomorrow so you can let me know if you run into any trouble receiving my response. Thank you!

Thank you for your response Brandon! I just replied to your email after following the recommended steps. The issue remains the same.

Thank you for your response to avoid duplicate communication and expedite your process, I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.