Help Please - Living Hinge Inkscape extension plus tips on using


I’ve tried using a couple of different living hinge inkscape extension but I’m either getting errors when I use them or they don’t generate the correct sized living hinge. Both extensions were found using this forum but the links are many years old. I was wondering if there was a newer extension that worked with the latest inkscape?

Also, what settings have people been using on their entensions with plywood. We have had one of the above working (although now it is bawked) but the hinges we’ve created have just broken. It may be the material we are using. Which is why my latest round of experiments with some different ply.

For what it’s worth, I am using a PC with version .92 of Inkscape

Don’t use a living hinge generator but have found this file to be helpful. (837.5 KB)
For best results use one of the medium Proofgrade plywoods and make sure the hinge is in the same plane as the grain.


Thanks. I’ll take a look at that.

Unfortunately Proofgrade is not an option for me as I live in the UK. I only have a small amount left from the original package that we were sent.

However I’d still like to know what Inkscape extension people use as this would be very helpful.

I don’t use an extension, but another tip to prevent breakage is to dampen the cuts with alcohol. I dribble some on, rub it in with my fingertip to make sure it gets down into the cuts good, do the same from the other side, then start flexing, gradually pushing it farther and farther, until it’s curved the amount I need.


Only a nurse would now the value of rubbing alcohol…:joy:

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This is the one I user

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Do you have a link to the extension? There isn’t a link in that thread.

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From the post: “If you are interested, please send me a direct message, I’d like a little more testing before I release it more widely.”

Click on the link, click on the poster’s name, then click message

Thank you. I reread the post and realised I missed that bit (too keen on finding a link).

The author has sent me a link to try. Hopefully I’ll be experimenting tomorrow.

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