Help Please Or Suggestions Why Its Stuck On Scanning?

so last week my glowforge was working as its suppose to be.
the next day i tried turning on. i noticed during the start up. the head wasn’t moving back and forth. i went to the GF APP/SITE and noticed its says offline i figured something wrong with my wifi, so i followed glowforge instructions of resetting and the wifi. so then when i started it up again i noticed it still wasn’t moving back and forth and noticed it just said centering without the machine moving around and then it said scanning…after about 10 mins it said no camera connection. i contacted support and they said the connection is fine they had me clean the machine ( it was already spotless ) but i cleaned it again. i cleaned the lens, checked all the wiring connections and everything was properly connected. so i started the machine up again and once again it wasn’t going back and forth but it sounded like how it sounds when starting the machine but then it said centering then said scanning and now its just stuck on scanning. the camera not connected pop up doesn’t come up anymore. i contacted support they said something MIGHT be wrong with the camera wiring, so they had me order a new one and now im waiting for the camera wires to arrive but when im thinking about it. i used this machine only literally a handful of time. i dont see any ware and tare anywhere especially the wires.
so my question really is anyone else experience this with there machine? where only once a pop up showed of connection problems with the camera and now the pop up doesn’t come up and its just stuck on scanning. anyone else have any suggestions while i wait for the wires to arrive. to try to figur out what went wrong? any suggestions or comments would be much appreciated.
thank you
Justin <3

You have opened a new support ticket with this topic post, so Support will be along to close this topic and move your communication to your first ticket. Since they have already been working with you on your issue, that will likely be the best path forward since Support has access to your machine logs. I would wait for the cable to arrive and then see if that solves it since Support has the best information possible. We forum users are just guessing.


I’m sorry for the ongoing trouble with your unit. I’ve responded to the support ticket you opened via email with some next steps and additional instructions, so I’m going to close this topic and our team will continue to assist you via email.