Help please with passthrough

I am trying to make a welcome sign and for some reason on pass through it cuts off the top of the text.

The material is 16.535 inch wide x 23.385 high


What is going wrong ?


Have you completed passthrough projects successfully before this? Do you have the passthrough option enabled?

It looks like you need to enable the passthrough option so you can divide the print appropriately.

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Thank you - this is my first attempt.
I have the pass through option turned on it’s so weird as to why the design is smaller than the material yet it still doesn’t all fit on !

You don’t tell the Glowforge interface the size of your material. The ruler is for sizing the design. I strongly urge you to make a few attempts with the pass through on cardboard or some other cheap material before attempting your sign. If you are engraving any of the design, the usable area is diminished. Also, you have not assigned cut/engrave settings and that is necessary to visualize the workspace.


With the passthrough turned on, you design layout should look something like this:


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It does ?

I really can’t tell from your photo what is going on.

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I still haven’t used the passthrough on my glowforge, but I’d recommend you do your first try (or two) on cardboard – or some other material you have plenty of.

It definitely seems the passthrough can be tricky, so it’s probably worth getting the hang of it before ruining any material that’s important to you.


I’ve got plenty of cardboard, if you care to share the actual SVG I could try it and let you know what I did and how it worked. I don’t use passthru regularly but I’ve never had an issue.


Aww thank you

I have attached - everything except the names should be engraved.
The names I am scoring and then going to cut the names out in a different colour acrylic and stick over the scored names as a guide where to stick

I saved as an svg when I import to glowforge it is a lot smaller than what I have designed it as in affinity

Hope that makes sense

Thanks again much appreciated


Thank you - I suppose it practice again and again

What app are you using to create this?

It will not open in Inkscape or any other SVG editor I have. It causes them to crash.

I can upload it to the GF UI but it won’t process or print. Something is seriously wrong with this file.

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Oh really - affinity and saved as an svg ?

So weird ?

Perhaps someone who uses affinity can open it but I can’t.

I opened it in a text editor but didn’t see anything unusual.

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Thank you your help is appreciated

Since you gave plenty of space between the words you can do it as separate items. Just align the material tight to the right rail and after the top is done just slide the material down and using only the up down Arrow keys (with shift for faster movement and not for accurate movement) and move the material to match. If you are a millimeter or two off nobody will notice.


Many thanks I will give it a try
Have a good weekend :blush:

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Looks like it should work ok.

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I have Affinity Designer but then I got so used to Illustrator I never ended up switching over to AD. However, I opened your file and then just saved it again and I uploaded it to the GFUI and it looks like it’s ok.
Try it and see if it’s any different for you.


The original file as posted above loads and prints just fine for me. It’s only slightly larger than a full sheet but I ran it that way on scrap cardboard without any issue.

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