Help resizing a file

I bought a file to make a pencil box with a sliding lid. I like the style of the box but it is short, only 6.5" long and a standard #2 pencil is 7.5" long. How do I make it longer without messing up the fit of the tabs etc. I am new to this and need to learn how to do it.

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You will need to use an external design program. Are you familiar with either Illustrator or Inkscape?


I’ve been using Silhouette Studio Business edition. Will that work?

I’ve never used that particular program - can you edit individual lines and points in SSBE? If so then you should be fine.

Extend the design, replicating the tabs and notches in the extended parts. Virtually any design app will let you do that.

Either that, or shorten your pencils.

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