HELP! Seriously... wrong email entered with my purchase

In our excitement to purchase last night I entered my husband’s email incorrectly. It didn’t autofill the way it should have and now someone else has received our purchase confirmation. I was able to update my email here in the forum, but I haven’t been able to on your main site. I’d like to get my receipt and know that someone else isn’t trying to change the delivery address for our very expensive new toy!

I’ve emailed, tweeted and now I’m trying this. Forgive me for covering as many bases as possible! We in a bit of a panic. :smile:

Please help and put my mind at ease!

Send an email to They will get you fixed up ASAP. From the main page (not community page) ( you can click on ‘OWNERS’. Login there - from there you can see upgrades you can purchase. If you are able to see that - I would think your order has gone through. (page is getting 404 error right now)
As far as address goes - they don’t collect address yet. When your expensive new toy is ready to ship - they will contact you via email to get your current shipping address (going to be a while though!)

I posted a second ago - but because I included the support email in the reply - it flagged it as spam… :frowning:

Anywho - go to the main glowforge site. Not the forum site - I would put in a link but dont want to get flagged again…

From there - you can click ‘OWNERS’. Login there. Once logged in, you should see a list of upgrades you an purchase (the page is current getting a 404 error right now). If you see all of that - then chances are pretty good your order has gone through. As far as a shipping address - they do not collect address yet. Once your expensive new toy is ready to ship, they are going to contact you for current shipping info (but it’s going to be a while before you hear from them!)


I did send them an email regarding this.

But I need them to actually change it on the invoice because of my business. Paypal is a bit stupid because of this, I select the correct busines address and then it puts in my personal address… Go figure :unamused:

I know the order went through, but the person who actually owns the email I accidentally entered is the one that got the confirmation, etc. I saw from another thread about a typo in an email address that I need help from @bailey , so I’m waiting to hear. The problem is, it isn’t just a typo. That confirmation didn’t go into the ether. It went to a real person that isn’t me or my husband.

I have the same problem as Grizzarkov, please advise.


I am sure @bailey or @dan will get back to you. In the meantime - can you email the person it went to?

I did that. But any communication coming to me from glowforge at this point will still be going to him. I just want to update my email address in the system.

Roger. @bailey will get to it asap. In the mean time, this is the most current source of information anyway. : )

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I accidentally made a typo on my email when ordering (ordered from my phone - dumb move on my part).

I contacted support, and it got changed so that I could log in with my correct email, but I am still not getting any email updates about the Glowforge. I have still not ever received my order confirmation because that, presumably, went to the incorrect email address that I entered to begin with.

I didn’t get the email asking for the first round of testers that I keep seeing being talked about on here, either, and that was sent well after I had my email corrected, so I’m not sure what the deal is there.

And my username is still showing as being incorrect. It should be “jasonandstacie.” The “i” is the typo that I made originally.

An email to is your best bet for getting this fixed.