Help. Setup

I have unboxed my Glowforge Pro and have been trying to connect. I have gone through all the steps and contacted Tech Support on Monday. After several emails I received an email from them at 8:30 pm asking me to try to connect with my phone one more time and let them know what happened. I got the same error as the last 50 times before. That was it. I was just left hanging. No response, no more instruction… nothing. It is now Wednesday at 3:00pm and I am no closer to using this very expensive machine. I am very perplex at this unusual type of customer service. I also left a private message son the Glowforge Facebook page. I really need some help here.

So just to be clear, you have tried using your phone as a hotspot and having your glowforge connect to that? Probably help if you enumerated everything you’ve done to try to connect.

I have followed all the directions given on the website. Along with the emails instructing me to turn the machine on and allow a new update and restarting my router, computer and the tech support even gave me instructions to do a Factory Reset. I am at a total loss.

So you have NOT tried using your phone as a hotspot instead of your home wifi?
It may not have been mentioned in the official GF instructions - many forum members have found it helpful to diagnose connection issues.

Yes. Several times.

I’m so sorry for not replying more promptly.

I just replied to the email, and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.