Help! Text Fonts Will Not Load. HELP!

I need some help. I need some help… I am using the glowforge app. I hit “T” to add the text. The box comes up, I type my word (lets say it’s “hello”) when I try to change the font, the side bar that has the font categories is there, but the fonts are not. It’s just a white box.


Just checked and the font list is loading normally for me. You might try clearing your browser cookies, close your browser entirely, and restart. If that doesn’t resolve it, try a different browser just to check, if possible.

Good luck and welcome to the community!


Welcome to the forum.

My fonts are loading normally, so I think there is interference caused by a browser blocker. Try a different browser if clearing your cache does not resolve the problem.


Welcome, fonts are working for me as well…


I am wondering if you found a solution to this conversation as I am having the exact same issue. I have tried everything that has been suggested and it still won’t work

Are you using the most recent update on your browser?
If yes, and it’s Firefox, try Chrome. Something in the recent Firefox update was messing with people.


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