Help Wanted Cutting Board

Hello, I’m a newbie to Glowforge and I love it. I purchased a Bamboo cheap cutting board and I’m wondering what settings to put it on? Any recommendations?

Here are a couple tips:

  • If the cutting board is under 1/2" thick, you can place it on top of the crumb tray to engrave.

  • If the cutting board is over 1/2" thick, you’ll have to remove the crumb tray, then prop the cutting board up on top of something (scrap wood for example) until it’s within 1/2" of the print head. You can cut out one of these rulers to help you do that without doing any math/measuring.

  • Put the cutting board in the machine, close the lid. Go to your GF app, click the 3 dots icon in the toolbar, then click “Set Focus” in the menu that drops down. Now click somewhere on your cutting board. This will have the Glowforge go measure the height of the board so that it can show its size accurately on your computer screen. If you skip this, your engraving will not come out where you place it on your screen.

  • I recommend 1000 speed, 100 power, 225 LPI. That should look pretty good with most designs on most wood or bamboo cutting boards.

  • You don’t generally need to mask bamboo before engraving it. The surface is slick enough that you can wash off any charring around your engraving using a baby wipe or some soap and water.


Please refer to @evansd2 excelent

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or use the search function at the top right. A simple search of “bamboo cutting board” yields

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Thank you so very much.

Thank you

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Since I’m a newbie, I thought I would share my project.!


Awesome early project, you have so much to look forward to with your Glowforge.

Don’t be afraid to wash a bamboo board off if you don’t mask. I just put a little
dish soap on and brush/wash off.

Newbie! Just got my glowforge a few days ago and used this chat to help make cutting boards so thank you! Also I did use masking tape just to try and they came great!!


welcome @christianchic


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Welcome to the forum.
I am glad your cutting boards turned out as you desired. As you have already discovered, this forum has lots of helpful information in it and people willing to help new users.


I’m a newbie too. This was my first pass at a bamboo cutting board for a friend that really likes Bigfoot stuff. I didn’t know to mask it when I did this, but it came out pretty clean anyway. The bamboo cutting boards I’ve found are a bit pricey, so I’m trying to get better at this before I try again.


That came out very nice. Try Walmart or IKEA for retail cutting boards that are inexpensive. If you are going to make lots of them, there are several wholesale places you can try. I have gotten a few from Johnson Plastics Plus, JPP.


TJMAXX HOME store has cutting boards sometimes. I also bought a stack from HOME DEPOT a couple years ago. and have use exactly NONE of them so far.


Been there, done that.
@jeffokelley it has two sides, so lots of room to practice if you don’t like this one. Just keep engraving on this one until you’re happy with it. Keep in mind the engrave will likely change from board to board and even on different places on the same board.

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I found a brand on amazon, Big nice wood bamboo cutting boards made by

$10 each!

this is the results I have been getting (raw burn off the GF)