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Looking to “Stand on the shoulders of giants!” (My favorite Einstein Quote)

My son recently acted in the school play (completely out of his normal behavior). As a gift, we purchased the a pop version of the character he portrayed, and would like to make him a display to remember this by. The playbill is a half-sheet of paper 5.5" by 8.5" and the pop character would need about 4" of depth. Keeping that in mind, I am looking for approximately 6" length by 4.5" width by 9" height. I will be hanging it on the wall. I have added an image to give an idea of what I was thinking, but am totally open to artistic alterations!

Screenshot (72)


What you want is basically a box that you can design here…


Thank you for the speedy response. That is definitely something to work with. I am hoping for something a little neater, but I can definitely work with that if not.

It is fast and as neat as you wish. Anyone doing it for you would be doing the same process and editing it where needed. You know better what you want.

I believe @wenning08’s Fresh Start Customs might have something exactly like what you’re looking for. Their designs are all very elegant.


Thanks for the shout out. I have this one that can hold a pair of shoes: XL Display Case Svg Ai Laser Cut Files INSTANT DOWNLOAD | Etsy

However it requires to be sitting on a shelf and not mounted to a wall.


Very cool! That is definitely more along the lines of what I was thinking! I’ll see if maybe I can scale it down… I;ll need to print a full size one first to see how it all fits together. TY!!!

do you use hot-glue or something to hold the acrylic corners together?

Nope I don’t have a single drop of glue on the full design. There are small tabs on the acrylic that hold on to each other inside of a custom wood track that holds that together all by tabs and pressure fit.
Here’s a video of the build of a similar one:


That is AMAZING!
Thank you so much for the video, it definitely makes more sense.
Do you think I’d be better served to size up your medium version or size down the XL?

If you want one shoe maybe the die cast car one and make the acrylic taller?

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