Help with cutting the middle of material

I’m having some issues with my laser cutting PG cherry wood. After doing some tests, (slowing speed, running multiple passes) my material will be cut on the right and left sides but not all the way through in the middle.

I’ve done several cleanings of lenses, airways and crumbtray (thank you When Geeks Craft for the Youtube video) and the problem persists. Has anyone else encountered this kind of problem?

No, the most common problem that I have heard of is that the right side of the bed will not cut as well as the left side. Unequal cuts can be the result of a machine that is not level, but that doesn’t seem to be something that would affect the middle.

Is the problem new or has it been this way since you got your machine over a year ago? Does it happen on any other material or is it only the PG cherry? Is your material warped to the point that pinning the edges does not flatten the center?

Glowforge guarantees that Proofgrade material will cut using Proofgrade settings, so I suggest you document your situation by printing the Gift of Good Measure in the middle of the board and photograph the results of the cut (front and back) and send the photos to Glowforge support along with the date and time of the print.

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It’s pretty much been with the Cherry. I’m still able to use acrylics and draftboard just fine. Though sometimes the draftboard from the left and middle wont cut completely through but will separate with a little force. (just pushing with my fingers.) I’m going to double check to make sure my laser is still level.

That can definitely happen if the material isn’t perfectly flat. I habitually use magnets to ensure my woods are flat. I’ve used tons of cherry over the years and never had any specific issues with it.


Definitely sounds like material flatness (or lack thereof) to me as well. Try flipping the sheet over and securely pinning the edges.


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