Help with determining leather

  • Leather is handcrafted by artisans, many 3rd and 4th generation leather craftsman
  • Genuine top grain cow hide tanned from North American natural hides tanned in Leon, Guanajuato Mexico “the shoe and leather capital of the world”

These are the only bits of information I have from a journal company for their leather covers. How can I tell if it is safe for my GF? What question should I ask the company before buying the covers if I want to engrave on them? Thanks

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You should ask them how it’s tanned. Search the forum for leather and you’ll find a lot about this.

Short version is that vegetable tanning processes are best. Read up about chrome tanning here to find out why.

As always I’d recommend reading so much that your eyeballs want to fall out, it’s crazy how much useful information is in this forum. Here’s a good “getting started” list of stuff to read:


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