Help with focus

I am having issues and I’m not sure if it’s focus or something else. I also still can’t cut all the way through 1/4” but gave up on that. I did a recalibration and did the gift of good measure and am still having and issue. I am really at a loss! ! Please help!

Did you run that bottom one twice or did it do that double engrave in just one pass?

All of them were one pass.

You must have two images stacked to get that double look on the bottom one.

That’s a physical issue, likely either one or more of the wheels on your carriage plate are cracking - or your belt is catching or slipping.

With everything off, take off your laser head and check the wheels under it for cracks. Take pictures and post them here.
If they still look good roll the carriage plate back and forth very slowly and see if you can feel any catches or slips. If you can, try to identify where it’s happening and take pictures if you find any damage.
Lastly, roll the whole laser arm forward and backward, and feel for catches or slips - take pictures if you find any damage.

Hopefully it’ll be easy to find, and then a staff member will get here ASAP and they can hook you up with replacement parts for what ails your machine!


Ding ding ding we have a winner! Now what? I have a show in a week that I need to make product for :woman_facepalming:

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Ugh - but yay for finding it!

For a show in a week you’re going to want to see if there’s a rental laser, or another Glowforger in your area

It’s going to take that long for support to get you the replacement part. They’ll show up here and move this to email since you’ll be discussing private info (like your address). If you want you can see if the chat window is open at to speed up the process a tiny bit, but they don’t ship from the same place as the CS folk are so a week or two isn’t uncommon.


I appreciate your help, at least finding the issue was painless lol.


I’m happy I was able to help get you a replacement pulley in chat earlier this week! If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!

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