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I ordered my glowforge on 15/02/2019 with a delivery date of 08/03/2019 I didn’t hear anything so got in touch as I was a little worried ( its a replacement for an old machine so its quite an integral part of my business)

I received a couple of quite vague updates but continued to ask questions regarding my order everyone was helpful but it seemed no-one had a clue as to the whereabouts of my order.

On the 8th of march I received a tracking number from Semhar 1Z97V6380414986667 and was told my Glowforge has shipped Yeah!!

I checked the tracking number it said the label had been made at this stage I was pretty excited it was on its way!!

I ship work all over the world granted they don’t have lasers but the shipping times are inherently the same. Now its been a week and the tracking still says the labels been made and there is no movement and ive had no information on what’s going on at all my emails are not being replied to.

Can someone please help? Anyone ? in fact im sure no-one will read this and my glowforge will forever be a $3,000 label at UPS

Date ordered 15/02/2019


Slightly bewildered and confused but still looking forward to getting a glowforge at some point.



Man, that last week of anxiety is horrific, isn’t it? Sympathies.

If it’s a new Glowforge, it isn’t shipped by Glowforge, it’s shipped direct from Flex, the manufacturer.

One thing you can and should do is sign up for UPS MyChoice, and whatever the equivalent is for FedEx, so you can get a better handle on delivery. It’s quite possible for it to land on your doorstep before you get the email, depending on where you are.

And congrats! You’re about to have some serious fun! :smile:


Hi Jules

Thank you for replying :grin:

Ive done all those things already :pensive:

Ive had a reply from support but nothing lines up at all UPS say there is no shipment just a Label Glowforge support say UPS need my telephone number which they already have this is getting insanely frustrating

im feeling pretty let down by the whole thing at the moment

Well, support will eventually see this and start trying to track it down, so hang in there. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m so sorry for frustrating experience. I’ve just replied to your email with us. I’m working on getting more information about your shipment now and I’ll follow up there when I get an update.

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