HELP! With pass through

Hi everyone, is there anyone locally to Sylmar CA that can help me print out a design? Technical Support is trying to figure out why my Passthrough isn’t working properly. I was almost done with a 4ft design when it stopped working. I did everything that was advised from them and they still haven’t responded back. Is there anyone that could help me? I would provide the material. I just need to use someone’s GF just for this 1 design.

Can you describe why you qualify it as not working? What steps led up to it with reposition? This is the glowforge guide on passthrough:

What step is it failing you at?

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I followed there advise to
Clean the machine (did this twice)
Checked all the lens
Recalibrate the camera
Did a regular test run without the passthrough (worked great)
Did a test run for a pass through ( 1st one wasn’t good then was advised to do another on and that one was better)
Took pictures and sent it to support like asked
They can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong.

They said it might have been because I moved the material. So I did a second print of it and made sure it was flat and moved it when the machine prompt it. Made sure the material was flat. Still happend.

It seems to stop right when I’m almost done. I’ve even tried manually lining up the image and it won’t even let me do that.

So that is great information but clarifying what you define as “not working” would help. Is the app canceling the print? Is the image not lining up? Is the printer not printing?

It just gives me the same message over and over again and it won’t let me continue with the print. Even if I choose manually line up.
Print Unsuccessful
If the most recent print finished…etc

Align manually
Cancel print

Then at the very bottom
Unable to align
The design goes outside the printable…etc

Hello there, I see that we are working with you on this issue over email.

I am going to close this forum post and continue working with you there.