Help with Photos

I have viewed many topics and sites on photos… The first one came out perfect… after that they are blurry… What am I doing wrong??? I have cleaned my lenses and camera… set focus… reset and restarted my machine and computer… what next… ???

The first one is my photo shop
The second is my glowforge image
Third is settings
Fourth is the final…

Like many of you I am looking for perfection and am getting frustrated. PLEASE HELP!!!

Ok I know is not terrible … but its not GREAT!!


I think this actually turned out really well, of course I can’t see it in real life. I know that you can play with the contrast, and I’ve seen recommendations to invert the image, you can also increase the LPI.

When you say the first came out perfect and the others blurry, are you using the same photo or a different one?

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a different photo. My 1st try was so inspiring. I have tried 10+ since and they are not the same quality.

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Okay so maybe there is something about the resolution of the pic you’re using or something related to it, if you tried the same one again with the same materials, same settings etc. then I would expect it to come out the same, and if it didn’t then that would be the place to start troubleshooting.

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thank you

@jteluv I’m sorry to hear your engraves with photos are not coming out as expected.

With photos, there is sometimes some prep that needs to be done to make sure the photo is ready to be engraved. We have created a tutorial on how to do this with photoshop

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you

Were you able to try the steps my colleague David provided? If so, was there any improvement?

yes the problem has been fixed. thank you so much

Hello, @jteluv I am so happy to hear my Colleague David was able to get you back up and printing. Thank you for reaching out and enjoy the rest of your day!