Help with Power/Speed on Bamboo Cutting Board

This isn’t a problem; I just want to get smarter on the process of cutting.

I tested a cut on a bamboo cutting board, 0.285" thick. Here are the three tries, and the settings involved:

(1) Full power, 500 speed, 3 passes. Laser dug into the material, but not very deep.

(2) Full power, 100 speed, 3 passes. Laser cut completely through, but charred the heck out of the edges.

(3) Full power, 250 speed, 3 passes. Laser cut partially through. I did this twice more, for a total of 9 passes. I had a perfectly clean cut, no charring.

Obviously my best outcome was (3), but I’m hoping to get help doing this more smartly. Should I mess with the power and speed settings, or is this the best I can do?

Jack (not Christine)


Sounds like you got smarter. Bamboo is a bear to cut. Congrats on getting it done without charring the heck out of it. :slightly_smiling_face:
(And I’m gonna write that down cause I still hadn’t managed to pull that off.) :smile:


I have only done three bamboo boards, but I was happy with the results. These were my settings for engraving - speed:1000, power:100, LPI: 340, focus: .377. The depth of the engrave was about .03” (.8mm).

I can’t remember the actual thickness of the boards, but I did have to remove the crumb tray and use a riser.

I hope this helps.


Bamboo is a bugger to cut through and I don’t think I’ve seen much of it cut without lots of charring. Sounds like you did very well!


Hahaha, that’s exactly what I thought too!


Agree with the others, you are doing fine because bamboo is TOUGH material, the fact they use it for cutting boards is testament to that for sure!


Bamboo is a bear for sure. I am sure that there will always be a need for experimentation due to the fact that bamboo boards are a laminated product and the resins used to glue together can be so varied.

I too have written down your settings to try.


My assumption with settings is that there is no one true combination: there are multiple solution sets that will work for a particular material.


Speed 1000? … Am I missing something?

Nevermind… score and engrave…

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Thanks for the tips! I made this for a Christmas gift. I messed up the name, so it took a little southern engineering with a copper etched inlay to cover up the mistake. I’m pleased. Still learning all the lasering things!

image image image


Great Job! Can you provide the setting you used for this design? Also how long did it take to complete one board?

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Thanks! Here are the notes I jotted down for this piece: Board was .4" thick. Used thick maple plywood settings at 1000 / 100 / 340, .313 thick maple walnut. 55+ mins to engrave… The photo is before I cleaned it up. It did get a little lighter after washing.


Thanks for those settings… I just finished this! I did wash and oil mine before taking the photo so its faded a little.


Looks beautiful. Love the design!

Lovely result.

Thanks!! It’s based on one of my pen and ink illustrations :slightly_smiling_face:

I do a lot of Bamboo cutting boards. Speed 1000, Power 90, LPI 340, 1 pass. I never mask bamboo-once it’s done I just use some dish soap and a soft toothbrush to clean it. Comes out perfectly.


How thick are your cutting boards?

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I have 2 different sizes I use. .33 and .48 it works for both perfectly.