Help with settings for 1/4" red oak hardware

Can anyone help me figure out how to cut thru 1/4" red oak or white birch hardwood. It’s NOT proofgrade from Glowforge…it was given to me. I’ve tried all the “thick” options in the materials list and tried dozens of manual settings…I just cant get it to cut? :thinking::dizzy_face: any help would be appreciated. TIA

You’ll probably need to use multiple passes and be prepared for lots of char.

Just search for “1/4 inch” for battle stories and tips.


Look thru this thread. A good starting point.

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Those are old power and speed settings in that thread. No longer valid. Have cut 0.43" red oak with charring before. Can only say for sure, go slow and high power.

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But they are a starting point. I dropped the speed down to bottom and used the same power and it worked great.

Not sure if you had success but I do 1/4 Walnut, Maple, Ash, Cherry etc at:

Speed: 120
Power: Full
Passes: 1
Focus: .125"