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OK! So I am trying to ship my machine back but when following the directions I only have 2 of the handle locks. The box only had 2 on it when I received it and I want to make sure its ok to send back with only 2 or if someone knows where to get 2 more. I don’t want the product to not be returnable due to this so I’m checking first.


Some people, including myself, have had their box show up without handles. Totally fine to send without the handles, just make sure the box is secure with plenty of tape and you’ll be okay :grin:

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I had the same issue. I used the 3M packing tape that has the nylon threads running through it. Ran it along all bottom edges centered over them and then one more strip on either side. I also taped the remaining handles into place so they didn’t fall out on the way back :blush:

In the GF store for the low low price of ONLY $250.00 you can get those handles. I needed a replacement piece of top foam and the only way to get it is to buy the whole box kit.

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Run a strip of tape through the handle holes to keep the top from coming off as well. That should keep the lid locked on, which is the purpose of the locks. It should be fine.

Unlike your foam purchase the handle locks aren’t considered dimensional shipping by UPS and aren’t large enough to need to be shipped in a GF sized box.

GF may not sell them (they told me not to worry about them when I shipped mine back) but you can get them online. I think Uline carries them. Since GF didn’t care, I didn’t buy any replacements.

Why didn’t you just use bubble wrap or a couple cheap pillows? Im guessing you didn’t actually buy the whole box, right?

I’m hoping that I don’t have to send my box back again, this last time they shipped it, FedEx really did a number on it. It was delivered in the rain, and I assume it had been raining when they put it in the truck because the box was practically falling apart and was pretty moist. I’ll just put a whole roll of tape over the box if I do need to send it back, the ends got a little torn, but I think it would be okay, overall.

Thanks for letting us know about your shipping handles. You can just reinforce your box with tape and ship it.

I’m going to close this thread - if you have any other questions, go ahead and post a new topic.