Help with Stacking Designs

Hello people! I am new and just engorged with ideas. Ha. Appreciate your help to make them happen!

I am making layered designs; some that are intended to hang on a wall and some that are intended to hang in a window. For the former, only the top/front layer will be visible and for the latter, the two outside front/back layers.

So I only need a finish on the outside layers… seems wasteful to use the double sided finishes since one will be covered and glued. Questions:

Does it make sense to use the veneer on draftboard for the visible side?
Can I stick the veneer on the draftboard first, and then cut? (designs are intricate so trying to stick after cutting makes me queasy)
Or should I source a single sided material instead (if so, any suggestions)?

TIA for your help!!

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I think veneer on Draftboard should work just fine. But you will have to do some testing on a small bonded piece first; Draftboard settings won’t cut it.


That is basically how plywood is constructed, so why not just use plywood?

You are basically describing Colombia Forest plywood

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I just want one finished side. Do you have a recommended source for single-sided veneer plywood? The proofgrade plywood is finished on both sides.

Thanks! Do you think the plywood settings should cut it, adjusted to the actual thickness?

No, you are still going to need to adjust power/speed to get through the two layers. Your best best is to use one of the many testing templates out there to zero in to the right settings. I like this one as it doesn’t use much material.

And now that we are talking about nonproofgrade settings, I need to move this to the Beyond the Manual category.

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