Help with using a CoralDraw file

I was wondering if anyone uses CoralDraw to make files? I am new to GF and l have a colored PDF logo file that I opened changed in Coral to black and white and how I want it to engrave. When I save it as an SVG file, it comes over in pieces that don’t even make sense. I spent hours changing the file images and things got better, but it is still not working right. Any suggestions? I can post picture later.

Can you save is as a PDF?

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Yes. Are there any setting that I should save it with?

No, I think just save as a PDF - which is a file format that Glowforge uses. You could just open the original file you received that hadn’t been modified in CorelDraw .

Thank you, I will try that.

It still brought it in 5 separate groupings which are not working correctly. It is much better though so thank you. It has been over 18 years since I used Coral and I don’t have any formal training, only enough to work at a help desk in my college assisting students that were actually in a class, lol. The file is a fire department logo and has some small details. I will attach the original file and the one I created if you or anyone else has any ideas. Much Appreciated!

BFD Emblem Apparatus.pdf (1.7 MB)
Here is the file I was sent
BFD Emblem Black White.cdr (501.7 KB)
Here is the file I made in CorelDraw
File after saving as a PDF from Corel
BFD Emblem Apparatus (1) BW Done.pdf (50.5 KB)
Glowforge screen after importing from the PDF

Test cut after hiding the the last cut grouping and changing the rest to engrave (plus adding an outline and hole for cutting)

The BFD was suppose to have an outline, not full engrave twice and I have to see what happened to the pick on the left.

Can you share the file or is it private or purchased?

The pick and axe are not welded together, but two separate overlapping shapes. Glowforge treats overlapping engraves as a “do nothing” operation, so it didn’t engrave the portion where they overlap. Same with the hook and ladder on the right side.

When you go to make changes and test this again, if that material you’re engraving is valuable, keep in mind that you can always just engrave it on a piece of cardboard instead. Like, tear off a piece of a shipping box you have lying around. That way no material is wasted until you’re sure the design is right.


Thank you, fixed that.

The file is the property of CBFD. My husband works there and I am trying to make stuff for them. Thanks again for the help.

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