Help with wood ring

Okay folks, this might be a longshot but here we go.

I purchased a glowforge for my wife, who has been eyeing it for a little while. It’s a gift for our 10 year wedding anniversary. She loves stuff like this.

I figured I would get it, set it up, and print off a wood shaped wedding ring to be our “10 year anniversary ring” type of thing. The real gift is the glowforge.

Unfortunately I did not order in time, and will not be able to make the ring. I’m reaching out to see if anyone would mind making this wood wedding ring for me. Our anniversary is in two weeks. Anyone mind helping me out with this one? I live in Texas.

Thank you!


If no one in Texas takes you up on it, I will. This has some potential.

You could even get some nice engraving on the ring itself, with a jig and some careful setup.

I have some cool exotic veneers that can be glued up to give some layers. I would sand the outside though smooth, as @evansd2 does his cool boxes.

Might even throw in a box kind of like he makes. I’ve been wanting to try this.

Have you got an idea of a design? If it is just me putting in materials and printing your design, that is a piece of cake.


Wow that would be phenomenal. I literally have no design in mind. I was going to try to do something simple and find a simple ring box. If you end up helping me out, it can literally be anything as long as it has at least the basic shape of a diamond ring.

I don’t have much to spend, as I just purchased the glowforge, but I can pay something, just let me know what you think is fair.


Don’t worry about payment. Some day you will make something really cool and you will be able to send it to me! If you don’t mind, we can keep this topic going in the wild until we need to talk addresses and such. It will be an opportunity for a collaboration with everyone else. There will be lots of opinions on something like this.


Holler if you need additional help!


I certainly will! I feel honored, and am very grateful! Thank you so much!

Like I said earlier, I’m loose on the design, not even sold on the “diamond” shape. I only thought of that to be a little cheeky. The layers would be awesome.

Yes we can keep this open for a little bit. I’m curious what others think.

Oh and I’ll definitely follow up with some pictures. Thank you!


Oh man, I’m so glad I logged in today, haha. I can totally help out with this, if you are still looking for help. Best part is I live in this ol’ Lone Star State, yessir.

A general question I have for ya: is this more of “jokey har har” kind of thing, or does the ring need to last? I have experience with both, just wondering what the overall tone is, haha.

I have a few wooden rings lying around that I can post when I get a chance.


Hi fellow Texan!

Thank you for the support!

Hopefully the ring will last but she probably wouldn’t wear it often, more of a keepsake, but wear it occasionally. I’m not sure if that’s answers your question haha.


I will try to get the ring size tomorrow.


This is so much fun, let us know the outcome.


Just my 2 cents - 2 layers of silver mirrored acrylic to make it look like bling sandwiching some mdf? @marmak3261 - your generosity is amazing! This is fun! Can’t wait to see the outcome!


You just discovered why this community is the absolute best accessory for that new laser!

@marmak3261 helped me get going when I had no idea what I was doing. The friendly atmosphere, the vast experience, and the willingness to help make this place the go-to for anything related to the glowforge. @marmak3261, @cynd11, and @jcarrion just demonstrated what makes this community special. Make sure your future wife joins us!

The idea of your gift is fantastic - she will be thrilled !! Pretty crafty of you to have a special ring made with the laser! :sunglasses:
Congratulations on your soon to be marriage, and Welcome to the community!


Folks I wasn’t able to get the size. Hopefully soon I can sneak it. Thanks for all the support. I love the community already!


Hey man, when I met her, I knew it was close to her Birthday, but I wasn’t sure. I had no choice but to rummage through her purse for the driver’s license. I was quite sure she would catch me pilfering her wallet, and I thought "Dam*it David - don’t you ever forget this. 40 years later, so far so good. 11/6/ 56.


Hi @marmak3261 I got these pictures of the ring. Looks like it is .75 inch wide I hope this helps. Since it is coming up, mind if we take it offline and button up the details?


Just to clarify…they’re already married. It’s for their 10 year anniversary. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ahh, thanks.

Hey @crd013 , I just checked my jeweler’s ring sizer, and .75" is right at size 8 - or .712.

Listen, it’s the idea that carries weight. If it’s a bit loose or tight - she’s not going to care that much!


Hey everyone! This is the wife here! Thanks SO SO much for being part of this special surprise!!! I am so excited to get started with the glowforge! I was also incredibly touched when my husband shared with me the enthusiasm and support he received from this community! I had heard wonderful things about the community of makers on here and this just proves it all! Again thank you all so much, you guys are awesome!


do we get to see the ring?


Yes! Would love to see the ring!