Help, yellow button

Yellow button appeared in the middle of a print. It was working perfectly before that.
Customer Service tells me I need to buy a refurbished machine. A fourth machine in 6 months,??? Am I the only one that thinks that this is NOT NORMAL?

Always something wrong with them plus no warranty.

Your title says “help”, but you aren’t really asking for any direct help in the post. What are you looking for here?

Are you looking for suggestions about yellow buttons, or looking to commiserate about the difficulties you’re having?

You’ll find plenty of both here, just wondering which you’re after.


Not sure about “normal”, but with over 100,000 machines out there, it’s not unheard of. Fortunately most owners have had many trouble-free years - like many on this forum who got in from the start, I’m coming up on 5.

Every machine has a warranty, even replacement refurbished ones. 6 months on a basic, 12 on plus and pro, and 90 days on replacements/refurbs.


They keep on telling me that my warranty is over. Ive had to pay for each of them.

I want to see if others have had this happening and if there is a solution without having to pirchase another refurbished machine.

It was working perfectly, new 3 weeks old printer head. It just stopped in a middle pf a project.

There are different reasons why the button will be yellow. Glowforge is able to see your logs and find out a good amount of information from it. We can also help but you have to give a bit more detail because we do not have your logs.

Do you have a picture of what your app looks like? Is your machine able to home when you power it on? What point is the yellow button coming on now?

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Im using google chrome.

I just tried a project and the yellow button never happenned. But the cut is way off.

The printer head is off, it goes all the way through on the right side. When it cut the first prject it was ok then the printer head seemd like if it got stuck on itself, like moving only a few mm side by side to position itself even though it was supposed to go to the top right side. Im trying to do a camera calibration but the yellow button is on now. Even though I did a 2.30 mins cut 2 minutes ago annd it was working.

I just did a camera calibration, it last for 2.37 mins. Here is where it stopped. The whole printer was shaking while doing this. It’s almost like the machine is mad and is being rough, if aim explaining myself correctly.

The printer head also does a jerking motion and it then amplifies the offset that was there from the start.

Give that white ribbon cable that goes into the print head a good cleaning with a damp cloth or baby wipe. It looks very dirty on top. It can get stuck to itself or stuck to the metal bar above it if it’s sticky, which will prevent the print head from moving left to right correctly, or pull the end out of the connector which causes the light to turn yellow.

If you do the camera calibration again, you need to mask the wood first. It calls for a masked piece of material to ensure good contrast when scanning the Glowforge logos after the print. You can reuse the same sheet just by replacing the masking.


Thank you, I will try these steps right now

Check the wheels and belts on the left and right side of the machine…something is going on there. Maybe cracked wheel, maybe pulley issue, maybe belt is too loose on one side. Possibly it’s hitting a honeycomb pin…watch it while it works to see where it is hitting or hanging up.

Oh and make sure that you do not have the material overlapping the plastic at the sides of the tray…that will cause the side wheels to hang up. Keep the material over the metal grid at all times.

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