I love the things yall are making with your machines. I have only made the patterns you get in the catalog from Glowforge designs. How do I find out how to set the machine for different materials when I am trying to do my own designs? There must be a "cheat sheet somewhere that gives a range on settings for different materials. Also, settings for the engraving as well as the actual cutting. I need guidance. THANKS!!!
Helen Palka

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Welcome to the forum.

Your best bet whenever using a non Proofgrade material is to test. You can usually start with the settings for a similar Proofgrade material and adjust as needed. The search function of the forum is also a great resource. Settings for non Proofgrade material can only be discussed in the Beyond the Manual section of the forum, so start there by searching the material you are using.

Finally, reading through all of the Glowforge material is quite helpful. Pay special attention to the Manual Settings section:


Thank you so very much! I bought mine used… and I had NO idea where to start,

@dklgood is right, testing is the answer. If you are ‘designing’ you need to know what the thickness of your material is to get tabs and slots to work…


Welcome to the communithy. Have you decided on what design app you will be using to start making your own designs? When you know which one you will be using, there will be other users here who can help you out as you start learning.


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