Helpful Engineering Project is looking for lasercutters and material to combat COVID-19

I just signed up as a fabricator for the Helpful Engineering (@helpfuleng on twitter or project with my Glowforge and Creality CR10 3D Printer. It was quick and easy, and I heard about it from my friend who is lasercutting for them for a hospital in Seattle already. It seems like if you have a bunch of material lying around that would be particularly useful. Here’s the starter doc:

If you are like me and want to look at everything before committing the starter doc has a slack invite and lots of information to check out. I found that soothing.


There’s an error in your link. I think it’s supposed to be

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Correct, my bad, edited.

What exactly are they asking you to help with? Cutting and assembling?

Honestly, I just signed up and I’m not 100% on that. I haven’t gotten an email from them asking for anything yet. I was originally clued into this group from a friend with a lasercutter who signed up as a fabricator for them, and she has been making stuff for a hospital in seattle. Cutting yes, assembling, not sure.

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