That thing fall when i was putting all together first time and i don’t know how put it correct back. Also i start first

project and dont do nothing and i see little burned

There is a video about proper cleaning here…

You had that mirror upside down so placed correctly I don’t think it will be a problem.


If you look here, you’ll see how to seat it correctly. (It’s about half-way down on the page.)


glowforge mirror

Mirror goes in like this.

oh my. Lucky you got off with as little damage as you did. I’ve seen people ruin their entire head with a wrong mirror placement. Always a good idea even if you’ve watched the videos to take pictures of things before you take them apart so you have a reference to go by when putting them back together.


I’m sorry for the trouble while getting started with your Glowforge. I’d like to take care of getting a replacement mirror sent out to you. To coordinate next steps with you, I’m going to close this forum thread and I’ll be in touch very soon via email.