Herb stakes

Does anyone know where to find any svgs for herb stakes? I like the way these look, but am open to other styles as well, thanks!!

Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 8.16.25 PM|582x500


Perfect opportunity to learn basic design skills!

Rectangle, round edges, edit nodes on “sharp” end to desired shape.
Text in suitable font, convert to path. Rectangle around it, overlapping a small amount.
Union on text and inner rectangle, then subtract from outer.
You can buy large “paint sticks” and just cut the inner part, no need to “sharpen” one end.


Acrylic works good, but tongue depressors found in craft stores also work great and there are different sizes.

I endorse @eflyguy’s answer. It is the way to go. Post your progress and we will help you out.

Here is a blank one from Free Laser Designs. You can start with this and just drag nodes to how you want it.


Too easy. You should be able to make these up easily yourself.

I bought a ~1/4" cedar plank intending to make herb garden stakes. Cedar is a great, durable wood for outdoor use but I don’t yet know how it cuts.

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Like butter.

Thank you!

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