Here is how Glowforge Fixed there Computers not loading the Designs

It took me a hot minute to figure out that were using the Old Firmware Update.

I know this because now I have to Refresh Twice on my Browser to get the Designs To load where as they had this fixed before.

They still got issues , on slow loading times. and Refreshing.

Firmware is the code loaded onto your Glowforge that tells it how to operate. It is downloaded by the Glowforge from Glowforge’s cloud servers should an update be available, it does not get installed on your computer or ever pass through your computer.

Loading designs in your browser, on the other hand, does not involve any firmware, or running any code on the Glowforge. Your Glowforge need not be turned on, or heck, exist, to use the website to load designs.

So, it is not possible for there to be any connection between firmware versions and any issue you experienced loading designs in your web browser.


The point is that were using the Old Update , as the new one would not allow for the Designs to load and I am back to having to Refresh many times to get the Design to go thru the Servers, Same old Same old now.

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