Hey Dan how about more help?

Hey @dan,

As I sit here with an inoperable Glowforge I think to myself. Why? Why can’t GlowForge provide better support? Why can’t I as a business owner get extended warranty? Why is GlowForge still pushing sales when they can’t keep up with the current owner base demand for help? I don’t even want to get into the whole proof grade being out. Why do I have to rely on emails and cant call in to get phone help and expedite this issue.

I know I am not the only one that shares these feelings of being treated like a middle step child after being one of your early adopters and backers from 2015. Can something be done? I am not saying just for my case but for the future as well. Where we have some kind of professional help. I do not need “Premium” servers I need “Premium” Support.

Don’t get me wrong I love my Glowforge. I have had maybe one issue in the last 3 years on this machine since I got it in Jan 2018 but geezz Please HELP!!!

With love,


In before, “we have noted you suggestions and added them to the hopper.” But in all honestly, i agree with you.


Its sad because that’s always their “excuse” i mean escape goat. They have “noted it” and will be “working on that”… I say if you can not handle the current workload then pause and fix the issue. If they need 3rd party consulting I’d be more than happy to help out get their support process up to speed. Side note I work for support for a big tech company and it frustrates me when I get bad service. I have standards. I treat my customers as I would like to be treaded.

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Well, AS a middle step child, I’d say your analogy is off (I was treated extremely well), but I can empathize with how you’re feeling. I keep hoping GF will figure this part out. Maybe the subscription service will help with support delays…


Amazing Glow Forge experience is possible

I do feel your grief as it is easy to feel helpless when there is no phone contact.

My glowforge lid camera went bad after 2 years , they offered a solution that I was willing to pay for and in a mind blowing 4 days I have a new glowforge in my garage which arrived today.

Im speechless , all i can say is they are trying to do better , and im proof that they are making changes for the better , 4 days from my Original post on this platform.


I’m feeling the pain right now after reading everyone else notes and yours as well. I’ve had my GF pro since mid Sept and it’s down again from the Too Cold or Too Cool yellow light coming on and it’s the second time and I have temp gage in the room and it’s 67 degree, well enough about that. I love my GF pro but now it’s starting to go south for me and customer support is not making matter any better for me being a new customer and my unit it down again.

I paid for the full package GF pro and Air Filter Unit and I’m left feeling hopeless and customers products can’t be made this unit is my second income and since I’m retiring soon.

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Yeah sorry. Its hard to come up with an analogy that doesn’t offend someone :frowning:

Don’t worry. Not offended. :slight_smile:

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They have offered me today a solution to the issue but the GF will need to be shipped out to be repaired. Although that is nice I still want an extended warranty option and a faster way to get help. Maybe a even a chat would be nice.

Do you own an R2D2 or was that taken at Disney. Only reason why I am asking is because there is an actual group of builders that make their own R2 units.

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Thanks to all of you – we truly are working to improve and I’m listening and taking action!

For now, since we’re corresponding by email and this thread has quieted, I’m going to close it.