Hey, just thought of something: CDs engraving and cutting

I haven’t researched it, but thought somebody here might know offhand, can you lightly engrave CDs?

If you don’t actually need to use the CD anymore…
However, they have Lighscribe CDs which have a special top layer and can be scribed using specific CD Writers with the technology.

But on a :glowforge: probably not a good idea.


ok, just a thought, I don’t use them that much anymore anyway but I thought it would be good for wedding photographs, etc.

I think they are made from polycarbonate that doesn’t laser cut well but a light engrave might be OK.

That is a good point.

On top of that the label side is super thin and you risk damaging the data layer unless you have a thicker top layer designed for engraving.

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yeah that’s the downside, they probably wouldn’t be useful for data anymore. as an art project, though, go hog wild.


Would the reflectivity be an issue?

From the archives.


Only if you go deep enough to get through the plastic, which is opaque at CO2 wavelengths. Then you would get a brief reflection from the aluminium, but it is so thin I expect it would vaporise before the reflection could damage anything.

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Neat! Thanks.

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when i last built my dad a computer several years ago(he just got a new one) I stuck a lightscribe burner in it. He likes to get fancy with his conversion of family photos and label the disks.

haha. i feel like i was the only person who really got into those. i friggin loved doing engraves on the back; people when nuts over how they looked.

The real question is how are you going to find something that plays the CD after you engrave it? :stuck_out_tongue: