Hey Utah peoples!

Tagging some people that I have seen mention they are in Utah. @mspricethelibrarian @cmreeder (there are more but I can only mention 2 people as a newbie I guess @ vern @ winkelkotter @ tuck)

Where do you source materials locally? I have collected a few that I have researched (linked below), but haven’t been to any of them yet. Wondering if you have had good/bad experiences with any of them or if I am missing some.


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MacBeaths is great for Baltic birch plywood…you can get it in 5’x5’ sheets. (We cut ours down ourselves but I think I saw a sign last time that they will also do cuts for $2 each?) We’ve gotten both 1/8 and 1/4 thick.

If you need smaller sheets of those two thicknesses, you can get 12”x12” sheets at Woodcraft on 90th south. It will be more expensive ($2-4 depending on thickness, if I remember right) but if you just need a little they are great. They also sell a variety of smaller sheets of hardwoods and veneer.

Delvies Plastics is excellent for acrylics…they will custom cut sheet sizes for you but they also sell scrap clear acrylic at really good prices. You can also ask for a sample set and they’ll give you little chips of each color. It’s best if you call ahead or email them to tell them what you want so they can get it ready ahead of time.


By the way, welcome! :blush: Always nice to have more Glowforging neighbors!


I was going to spill my secrets, but @mspricethelibrarian told two of them to me to begin with.
Those are easily the best.
If the UGFUG (Utah Glowforge User Group) wants to buy a beam of anything at Macbeath and have them re-saw for smaller more laserable bits, then we may be approaching a big enough group.
Welcome to active forging.

@vern @Tuck @winkelkotter @cdoug you want in on this topic?


Yeah, we’re getting quite a group! And we have one more now too…my dad jumped on the Forging Family bandwagon. :blush: I think he’s actually used mine more than I have so far and decided he wanted one of his own. :grinning:


I’m in Vegas but my business partner and I travel to Utah often. If you need more people for group purchases in the future I’d be interested.


I’m still 2 weeks from my golden email date but I’d be happy to join this UGFUG. :slight_smile:

Also, I’d be happy to cut down wood for people for free (unless there are deluge of requests). I’ve got a tablesaw, chop saw, band saw, radial arm saw, circular saw, etc.


I haven’t been in a while, but Regional Supply was a good spot for acrylic when I was in school.

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Have any good Vegas resources? Tandy Leather is the only one I know.

Not yet. There are still a few places I want to check out though. I’ll update later if I find something good.

My bro-in-law just brought up Regional Supply.
He said they are fantastic people to work with and they know their materials.
I may give them a look. Thanks for validating his recommendation.

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That sounds like a nice setup! I’m in the market for a band saw. Any recommendations?

Yeah, I’ve had a much better experience with them compared to Delvies, but once again that was a few years ago

My setup is cobbled together from what I’ve been able to acquire. Most of my large equipment has been inherited from various sources. My latest acquisition was my dad’s table saw and band saw. They aren’t amazing but they do the job.

For a real recommendation, there are several online guides. For a first bandsaw, I’d say a 9 inch from Porter-Cable, Ryobi, or Harbor Freight would do. They’ll all run you about $125. Once you’ve used it and decided you need something bigger you’ll have a better idea what features matter to you and you can graduate to a 14 inch.

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Does your glowforge briefly turn off and back on during calibration when first powering it on? (I’ve already emailed support and thought I should check with others)

I’d say your support contact was warranted. Good luck.

Mine did that yesterday. The power-off lasted about a second.

Most of the material I’ve been working with has been rubber, cork, or laser-safe gasket composites.
I did go to Delvie’s yesterday after logging in to the forum for the first time in a long while. They had very reasonable prices on some two-colored acrylics and they did cut them to size for free. A man named ‘Scott’ helped me. They are a dealer for a different brand of laser cutter, and have experience with laser-safe materials. I will go there again when the need arises.

The only thing I’ve cut out of wood so far was the founder’s ruler.

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That may have been it installing the firmware update that was released on Monday.

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