Hey, You! Wipe that puzzled look off your face! - OOPS!

First, a photo engrave on PG Maple Plywood. Stock settings. Looks fabulous! No muss no fuss, just loaded the photo (from a cell phone no less) and ran with it. Sorry for the faceless child. One of my fave rugrats but not my rugrat to share photos of.

Thanks to @Draradech sharing a puzzle generator here: Jigsaw puzzle generator
This generator creates continuous cutting paths with no double or overlapping lines. I’ve actually saved a 50x50 puzzle that should be able to cover just about any project imaginable, then trim the lines down to the project. The cutting paths are nice and efficient.

Unfortunately I wasnt really paying attention to scale while setting up the file. The puzzle design not only obscures the image, it’s way too small and darn near impossible to see any clues in the image. X-acto knife for scale reference. LOL. Oops.

And when I tried to be slick and just slide this puppy off the crumb tray and onto another board, the tiny pieces got hung up on the tray and went KA-BLOOEY! hahaha.


Tape on top to lift it. Wide blue masking tape - cover the whole thing. Then pick it up. Otherwise…well, you know. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Awesome puzzle.


All that negative space is going to be hilarious to try and put together, best of luck to thee puzzle masters.


Yup…what she said…did that my second time picking up puzzle pieces…luckily it only took me once to figure it out…lmao


A challenging puzzle to say the least!

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Yeah it’s gonna be even harder to complete because Step 1 is recovery of all the tiny pieces from the bottom of the trash can. :smiley: