HI, I bought files set to cut only, but needs engrave too

I bought some designs from etsy that require cutting and engraving. when I uploaded the designs, all the parts are set to cut only, the engraving portions are there but they are “red”, not “blue”. They were svg files. This is happening often and I think I am doing something wrong? Can someone help me? I AM A NEWBIE

Are the parts that need to be engraved in separate sections on the left? If so, you can set those to engrave. If they are mixed in with the parts that are meant to be cut, then you will have to separate them.

You can do this in Inkscape, by changing the color of the engraved parts to a different color. It doesn’t have to be blue, just a different color than what the lines are for the parts that need to be cut.

Or you could do it it in the GF GUI. It could be tedious, depending on the design, but there is an option (when you select the part) to right click - copy - paste as separate step. If everything is grouped together, I would select the group, copy, paste as separate step - then with the new group selected - ungroup it. Then delete out the parts that don’t need to be together.

Repeat as necessary until you have all the steps you need as separate components. Then set to cut or engrave as needed.


just right click on the art in the GF app and select ungroup, then you should be able to select each piece and set the proper setting. Then you can regroup the art when done, I do it all the time with my own files, I copy the art right out my graphic app and paste right into the GF app.

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If you need help I can look at the file

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