Hickory "cigar box" guitar

I while back I make cigar box guitar but make the box out of hickory :slightly_smiling_face: Being a bagpiper I made the frets the same scale as the GHB :grin: The first two strings were my “drones” and the third I would fret to play a tune.


Neat! Sounds kinda like a lap dulcimer, don’t they have drone strings? I’m not a player so I’m not sure.


Cool. Are you a member of Cigar Box Nation? Cigarboxnation.com

Lots of resources for building acoustic and electric instruments.

Must have missed it. What is the GHB? Edit: never mind. (Great Highland Bagpipe.)


A standard mountain dulcimer has 2 high drones and 4 strings total. This is one of mine. Made for me, but not by me.


cool idea! never heard a string instrument imulate a bagpipe! nice crafting there.
Would cutting the holes (whatever their called) in the face improve the fidelity?

I think I was a member but I only made the one so I kind of drifted away from it.


If I had a laser I would find out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I did cut off the corners though :grin:

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That’s one of the things I’m thinking about making with the Glowforge. Most of the parts except the neck on the dulcimer could be made with the laser. Designs etched on the surface and sound holes cut. When I first got my CNC I played around with a sound hole but found out that the bit diameter was a limiting factor. The sound hole insert test pictured is about an inch in diameter. The laser won’t have that problem.


And just think of the embellishing you could do! Inlay mother of pearl, etc. It definitely had my husband interested.


I like the idea of all the math you could show, fractals is one that comes to mind :slightly_smiling_face: