High-res engraving



As many laserfolk know, anodized aluminum is one of the most unforgiving engrave surfaces you can work with. It shows every sputter, bump, misalignment, and other problem you can find.

So when the team from Trackr dropped by a few days ago and dropped off a half-dozen samples, I decided to try engraving one at “max resolution” - 1.3k lines per inch. (This was also a practical matter as I wanted our logo on my new Trackr). I took this picture with my phone and I’m attaching it full resolution + a crop of the logo. It looks just this smooth in person - there is no visible jaggedness at all. I’ll bring it to Maker Faire (have to remember to reattach it to my keychain!) so if anyone wants to drop by they can see for themselves.

The Trackr itself is 34mm in diameter, if that helps you get a sense of scale. My fingers are enormous.

Examples of detailed lasering?

Thanks Dan. Nice to see something new. I guess you’re still working out all the alignment issues though. Good thing I’m only borderline obsessive about these things :stuck_out_tongue:


What alignment issues do you mean?


Sorry, just joking about the logo being off-centre.


Looks good!

I’m assuming that is simply a raster engrave. Or did you do a vector engrave around the outlines?

My laser engraver only goes up to 1000 LPI and at that resolution the edges look basically perfect so I’d have to imagine these look even better.

(sorry for the multiple posts, I was trying to reply to you @dan… and now I see you’ve replied…)

Vector Cutting Frequency

This is a vector source file that is raster engraved. For those who may not know, @Hirudin is referring to a cool technique where you do a light score around the edges of an engrave to obscure that it was done at low resolution. It’s a nice shortcut to make low-res look good, but wasn’t necessary here.

1/1300 lpi = less than 20 micron line spacing!


Blame @tony.


PS: kidding, I love our our logo in all its magnificent asymmetry.


I never noticed that the logo was off-center before. Oh dear…I may have to cancel my order due to OCD. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just dont look at the cut button on the glowforge unit too long then lol. Im gonna have to make a sticker to go over mine when I get it


I think it goes back to the start when they called it a “Glowfor” and made the logo… then they sobered up and thought about adding a “ge” but the logo symbol stayed… :grin: But seriously - Nice job - I bought 10 of those TrackRs™ when they were first offered at a starter price. I wonder if they are all anodized or if just the newer or special ones… hmmm - where did I put that mailer…


It’s definitely not the first thing we’ve seen that looks clean and professional, but seeing the extent to which I’ll be able to create great looking items with so little work is still mind boggling sometimes.


Holy Guacamole Batman! :open_mouth:

I get tied up dealing with a small remake of Dante’s Inferno and you guys trot out the awesome stuff while I’m gone!

I hope you’re planning to sell little aluminum blanks in your proofgrade lineup…That is sharp! :grinning:


Out of curiosity, how long did it take to engrave?


not to feed your OCD but if you cancel you’ll never know if they fixed it…


Thanks for sharing this Dan!! Always good to see new things coming out of the laser bed!!



Have you thought about doing a Mayan Calendar? :smiling_imp:


Thanks for sharing, Dan! It’s always reassuring to see demos of the features that haven’t gotten much airtime yet. I hope to see grayscale engraving soon!


@tony! I see it. The logo springs from the center of the W. This was a careful choice. It makes the stylized G point and the W point come together like the laser point.

I like it.


LOVE THIS! It’s beautiful, thanks for sharing!


Dan is that aluminum made with a film to prevent the spatter from sticking like you can do with the wood pieces?