Hinge of machine has come unglued?

It appears that the hinges on my Glowforge lid are glued onto the glass, and they seem to have come unglued. I noticed it when I was closing the lid and it bumped against a side. Inspecting the hinge, we can see that it is no longer secured to the glass. We can still open and close the lid by holding the glass against the metal while moving it slowly, but obviously that’s not a long-term solution.

I searched this forum and didn’t find anyone else who was having this problem. What should I do next? I know our machine is out of warranty, but what do we need to do to repair it?

There are actually some posts over in Beyond the Manual by people who have chosen to repair this themselves rather than pay for it to be done by Glowforge. Here’s a search to get you started:



I made a decent post about my experience of having this happen twice, and the steps I did to repair it. It’s been quite a while since the second time it’s happened and haven’t had a problem since.


I’m so sorry to hear your Glowforge lid is having issues with the lid coming off of the glass.

It looks like @ geek2nurse had some suggestions on the next steps.

If you can post a few photos of the lid will help troubleshoot,

Hi @elizabeth. It’s been a couple days since David’s response, and I wanted to check in to make you’re getting it. Feel free to post any of the lid photos to help troubleshoot in a response and we’ll be happy to help get this resolved. Thanks!

I did see it - I’ve just been pretty busy. I’ll try to take photos soon.

Hello @elizabeth. No problem. We certainly understand that there are other obligations and priorities that take precedence over performing requested troubleshooting and photos for your Glowforge. We’ll be available and happy to provide you with assistance whenever you can find the time to take and upload the photos, and you’re ready to proceed. Thank you.

From the side:

On the inside at the edge, with a ruler inserted to show that it is no longer attached:

At the middle, where the ruler is just getting to a place where it doesn’t fit any more:

And on the side that has not unglued itself, for comparison:

Happy to take more pictures if there are angles you want to see that aren’t showing well here - just let me know. Thanks for any help you can give!

Thank you so much for sending over these images! I’ve reached out to your directly via email on the next best steps, so I’ll close this thread, and continue following up there.