Hole not printing correctly for earrings

Hello! I have been making jewelry for about 3 months on my glowforge with no issues until now. For Some reason my earring holes are not cutting correctly. I have not changed any settings. …hopefully I can upload the picture. Has anyone had this issue and know how to resolve???

What image editor are you using? Try replacing that circle, e.g. in the Glowforge UI. It looks like some SVG parameters are messed up with that particular object.


There have been previous reports of the interface interpreting small circles as diamonds. If you add a node in your design software the issue is resolved



I’m using Inkscape…thank you!!

I get that occasionally and sometimes I dont catch it and it cut it that way! I can go back and delete that circle and redraw it and its works after that.
I use inkscape.
I just drill out the triangle hole with the proper sized bit to save the project/cut, so it ain’t a big deal to me. It’s just annoying.


Awww! Thx for that tip so I don’t waste material. I’m going to try deleting the circle and maybe adding a node to the circle in Inkscape.

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