Circles are being replaced with small diamonds when I port my Inkscape designs to the GUI

Hello! I’m having an odd problem. I’ve looked for an answer for days, and troubleshot many ways.

First off, I really don’t know if this is an Inkscape problem, or a GUI one, or both.

  1. I create a file (jewelry file) with a small cut hole at the top (because it’s jewelry.)

  2. I copy that file and flip it horizontally to appear backwards, because I like to cut and engrave from the back on mirrored acrylic.

  3. In Inkscape both files appear normally, like so:

  1. I upload to the GUI, and the version that I flipped backwards shows tiny diamond shapes where the holes were (and yes, they cut how they look, as tiny diamonds, not circles):

  1. If I go back into Inkscape, and copy and paste the circles (holes), from the first (frontwards facing) file over to the second (backwards facing) file, essentially replacing the circles in the copied version with the original version, it shows up ok:

6 . It took several days to work out what was happening, and what was consistent about it, because this seems to happen with any file I make and then flip backwards, but if I copy a design and dont flip it backwards, it seems to show up fine in the GUI.

I have updated Inkscape to the newest version, and I have checked the object properties on the circles every step of the way. It does not seem to make a difference if they are ‘circles’ or ‘paths’, and I’ve tried both. In the examples above, every cut hole is a ‘path’.

Thank you in advance, this is driving me a bit nuts.


Can you zip and share the file for someone to try to replicate the issue?

Here’s the .svg file, thanks


GFUI has a bug, which we discussed a bunch here:

I’m fairly certain you’re experiencing the same problem observed in that thread.

I’m glad you have a work-around of just replacing the circles in the flipped version.

But this is an interesting example of the GFUI bug that may bite more people, and not be an obscure edge case.


Oh wow, I’ve been looking for any hint of this for days. THANK YOU.


So I dragged and dropped your file into my interface and then copied the non mirrored one and pasted it and mirrored it in the interface. As you can see, your file had replaced the circles with the diamonds, but when mirrored in the interface, the circles remained circles.

I also tried adding nodes to the circle in Inkscape before mirroring so there were 8 nodes rather than 4 and the circle remained. Weird.

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Interesting work arounds! Highly appreciated!

When I opened the zip file in Inkscape, it looked like this:

and when I dragged it onto the interface from the downloaded file it looked like this:

I am using a Mac and running an older version of Inkscape.

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Thank you, @jestelle for sharing the post and for helping @GeekStar with a solution. I’m sharing this with the team for further feedback on this issue.