Holey Proofgrade, Batman!

So as I was weeding a little :proofgrade: Thick Walnut Plywood keychain project I noticed these little… notches in the sides of some of them…

So at first I thought I had something weird in my cuts! But, as you can see, the holes are just in the side! This is the bottom of one of 'em.

So then I looked at the sheet… Check this out! A hole straight through!

And… It doesn’t stop! Here’s the bottom of the sheet!

So what say ye, Glowforge Support? :slight_smile:


So the pictures are not lit real well and fuzzy. The description didn’t help. Are you saying there is a void in the Proofgrade center material? Or something else.

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They look crystal clear to me. Maybe Discourse hasn’t finished rendering them?

That, I suppose, is an accurate description. Wait for the pics to clear up for you and you should see the hole.

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yeah looks like there was a channel in the MDF core covered by the veneer. Manufacturing defect (or a wood borer at work :slight_smile:)


I am looking on a laptop so may not be as clear as on a monitor. Still have no idea what pic 2 is. Once I blew up pic 4 I could see the hole but just looked like a black dot otherwise. Detailed explanations are always helpful. This may be the first time that the Proofgrade Guarantee comes in to play.


Looks like a bum sheet of proofgrade to me


Eeeew! Borers. (Bought a flower pod for a silk arrangement once that had them, and they ruined a dresser.)


Pic #2 there’s not much to see. As described above it, it’s showing the lack of hole in the bottom. And the top, while we’re at it. It’s just the sides. As you can see in pic 4, it’s just a hole that runes the entire height of the sheet, it seems. :slight_smile:

Oh, if that’s the case, let’s hope they left while still at the factory! But I gotta say, this looks unnatural. So I agree with @jamesdhatch that it’s a manufacturing defect. But what do I know.

Definite gap in the core wood between the two veneers. Wonder if it from a crack in the core wood or some artifact created in the processing. It seems very consistent in width and goes from veneer to veneer.

Was a challenge to get perspective on each shot. Finally clicked when I enlarged third pic and realized it was of the remnant waste board shot from underneath.


Agreed. That sheet should be replaced.


Looks like a defect in manufacture to me.

I don’t think the thick stuff I have is MDF core like the medium, and smells different burning/burnt (Stinks). I weighed the same cuts in medium and thick, and the medium was actually heavier than the thick.


It’s a “Random feature” thank you very much :smiley:


I have seen this as well in in the -thick-


And, dammit, same sheet… didn’t cut through. Weird thing is half of it did (on the right of the pic), then the other half didn’t at all (the left of the pic). Note this picture is upside down to show the back, so in reality the left cut through and the right did not.

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Obviously let support know. They’ll replace it.
They’ve have with me.

Wait, those holes all line up…that’s just a vug in the board fill. (Borers never eat in a straight line…very messy eaters.)

Whew! Didn’t fancy checking all the thick PG I’ve got around here for critters. :smile:

(Too bad about it not cutting through though.)

I dont know what a borer is, and I’m too afraid to google it. But I suspect its a bug.

Please be a manufacturing defect, please be a manufacturing defect, please be a manufacturing defect.


This is me letting Support know. I’ve no doubt they’ll credit the board. Sure be nice if they replied though. It’s been a week now. Of course, this is far, far, far from more urgent matters I’m sure they’re working on. I’d be fine getting credit… some time. :slight_smile:

Yeah,… that’s what I was getting at the other day when I opened this case. Looks artificial. It’s like a perfect rectangle, straight through.

I suspect this is just a lame board altogether. They can’t all be perfect. No big deal. Frankly I wouldn’t even have posted it aside from to show people 'cause it was such an odd hole.

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I’m so sorry for the slow reply. Thanks for letting us know about this, and including these photos. We’re working hard to provide extraordinary consistency across all Proofgrade materials, and natural products like hardwood and plywood will continue to include some variations.

I’m sorry for the frustration and grateful that you took the time to share information that will help us make our product better. You should have just received an email from us with more information.