Holiday Buffet Tile Menu Tags

For many years, my wife has hosted an annual Christmas Tea. The food, friendship, and fellowship is amazing and is one of the things that really helps the ladies who come (and my wife) feel like Christmastime has arrived.

With all of the food (she does it more or less like a “high tea,” she has thermal servers of two different types of tea, coffee, and wassail, all in thermal servers, most of which are holiday themed, but they don’t have anything on them to specify what is IN them.

Always looking for things to use my ‘Forge for I asked if she wanted menu tags for this year’s tea. She originally declined, then remembered that everyone always asks what beverages are in each of the thermal servers. Since she typically has the same hot beverages each year, we decided to try something a little more permanent: Tile!

I’ve included a mosaic snapshot of all 4 tiles, but the photos didn’t turn out quite as nice as they are in real life (at least on my iPhone).

Here they are in context of the thermal servers.

The source for the tiles is actually a set of Datile Mosaic Tiles from Home Depot.

The square of 15 rectangles retails for $2.98 – so it’s about 20 cents per tile.

Method used was:

  1. a slow engrave to give enough depth to the tile,
  2. Fill engrave and surrounding area with a paint pen
  3. Scrub off with a magic eraser
  4. Spray on a sealer coat (or two).

(I’ll share pictures of the food spread later - those pics are on the good camera, which is in the middle of the party!)


Very nice touch to a great tradition! :+1:


Oh, I want to come to high tea at your place! The tiles are so well done - such an appropriate font too! I bet the ladies are loving the new addition.


They really enjoy the party. It’s about time for me to change and make an appearance as Santa… another part of the tradition.

Here a picture from 2017…


Wow, they look like fine china! :grinning:


That looks so incredibly festive!

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These really are a lovely addition to the table, and so useful. Well done!

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As a tease… here is the dessert table. Which gets hit as all of the ladies tell Santa what they really want for Christmas.


Drooling here - which is not very lady like - so I’ll stop and admire it instead. Still wishing I was there! :santa: Its so obvious a great deal of effort and tradition went into this.


Lovely - and as someone who always has to ask what’s in the carafe at parties - my thanks!


Beautiful addition to a wonderful tradition.


Ok… Sorry for the delay, but here are two pictures of the Buffet table. It was a great party!

…And my wife’s party present to me was a photo blanket of a picture od the two of us from one of her Christmas Teas several years ago with a digital “paint filter” applied.


Ohhhhhhh… :heart_eyes:

Yep. That is classy. I can tell because I don’t see any Ozark Shrimp* on the table.

Nice setup. The church ladies had an Advent by Candlelight evening earlier this week. 60 ladies gathered around the most decorated tables. Except it was all dessert.

*Little Smokies in a barbeque/grape jelly sauce


no mince pies! with that, it would be complete.

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What a lovely tradition, and your tea labels are spot on! Looks like you are making some fine memories.


The tiles turned out just beautiful! Like the size of those, and will put on my list to pick some up.

Really enjoyed your photos. What a wonderful, and treasured gathering. Very elegant, and I can only imagine how much they all enjoy it!

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The size is perfect. As I was looking for them , I was struck by all of the possibilities with other mosiac tiles, especially the small ones - they would be great for game pieces, prize tokens, etc. all an at incredibly low price per piece.

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What a spread! Both the buffet and dessert tables look scrumptious. The tiles are perfect for the beverage labeling!

Very elegant! The white ceramic really maintains the visual theme.