Stand for Engraved Tile (made for 6" wide tile at 3-6 inches in height)

Looks good and thank you for sharing! Has anyone etched the white tiles with the black top on them? Philip is having issues cutting all the way through as he is wanting to get to the white underneath.

I believe you should search on “Laser Tile” - several folks here have used them and seem to be very pleased, but that may be for the white that engraves to black.

And here is the corrected original tile…

And the one that I made for our piano accompanist.

Now, (this coming week) I just have to figure out what variation to make for our organist… and fix a smudge I now see in the picture… but that’s easy enough to do.


Oh, I like the piano one…my sister’s into that. :grinning:


Are you placing anything on the tile to protect it once you’ve engraved?

I didn’t for the first ones that I did, but need to do so if I’m going to make any more. Life has been unexpectedly busy with non Glowforge things… so I don’t have a good recommendation.


Thanks. I’ll keep reading the forums about engraved tiles. I’m sure someone will mention what works well for that purpose. :grin::+1:


I have not had the practice of coating it with anything. If I were to do so, I’d probably go for either clear rustoleum or a generic tile sealer.

I have done clear gloss rustoleum on slate, with nice visual results. I haven’t done any durability testing on it, though.

Thank you. I’m going to try it with clear sealant spray. I’ll let you know how that turns out. I am loving the results of laser on tile!

Thank you , i’ m engraving some tiles now . fun

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i love that…also i go there and get wood scraps cheap and they have some wood floor samples for .25

Thank you for sharing.
I am going to try this out on the GF and then on a bandsaw just to see which is faster.
Very kind of you to post this for others.

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I’m curious how your sealant spray ended up working, and which type you used?

Any update on durability testing with sealants you’ve used?

What I have ended up using for my tiles is Dupli-Color DA1692 Crystal Clear 12 Ounce General Purpose Acrylic Enamel from Amazon, and it has gone on well and (so far) held up nicely.

Some examples of tiles I’ve done recently are the menu tiles for my wife Christmas Tea, which turned out quite nicely.Menu Tiles

Hasn’t (to date) yellowed or obscured the clarity of the engrave painting. I will buy again for similar use when I run out (but that will be a while).

I would suggest applying and allowing to dry in a highly vented area - my application in my basement what probably not the best place. (For my lungs, not the tiles.)


Thank you

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Nothing to report, yet.

Just engraved someone’s dogs - and was hunting around for a stand - this will fit perfectly! Thanks!!!

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As if it was made for it!