Holiday card

Hi i got a question if someone knows about a good Holiday card program to do vector for me to cut on paper or a place for me to check for Holiday cards

I don’t know of a dedicated program just for cards that would give vector output. Do you have a vector-graphics program like Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, or Affinity Design?

Also, what kind of cards are you trying to make?

Here’s a cool one on Thingiverse that could be turned into a laser-design without too much fuss, using Inkscape/AI/AD.

Maybe you are trying to do a pop-up card? There are plenty of simple diy pop-up cards online that could be converted to a laser-ready design… again using a vector graphics editor.
There is also this generator that allows a certain number of free uses before requiring a password:
(i haven’t used it so I can’t speak for how well it works. it was linked from Make:)
several things from the Epilog sample file section that could be modified to be a card.


yes pop-up cards

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there is also this one from @scatterbrains in the free files section, which could be a good starting point.


Thank you

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Holiday Pop up card patterns:

I also have a fairly old list of pop up card sites here, many of which have free-to-use patterns, including holiday stuff:

You can get the pattern for one of my holiday cards (O-Deer) here:

Pop up card specific design software:
(This is the newer version of the one @linked to above.)


Thank you for the good info

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