Holy cow, I've been MIA for far too long


Like, where did all the time go since my last visit, let alone since I was last really active here? Missed you guys a ton, I REALLY need to get back on here & start forging again…

Hope this finds everyone well, blessed, & happy!


I hear you! I was MIA for months… just trying to get back on track… and I miss everyone too!


I’ve been gone not quite so long…just since the beginning of May, but still. Haven’t been using Glowria that much since then either…life stuff happening…but I fully expect to get into it again, soon. Missed you guys, too! Welcome back @SunnyStarbucks and @nunzioc!


Yeah, welcome back! Still having fun! :grinning:


Never gone. Yesterday was my 1000th day visiting the forum. Was kind of hoping I would hit 300K posts read and a thousand days visiting on the same day but posts have been lower the past week or so…


1000 days! That beats out everyone, I’d bet. :grinning:

You need a special title for that honor. Or maybe a medal.


You made me wanna have to look…938 for me. I’m actually surprised I’m that close to you!


980 here, there should be a forum junkie award at 1000.



Whatever happened to that new badges post that @dan started a few months back? @rpegg deserves a singular badge for sticking it out so long…



I guess I’m the newbie at 606…


Or sane…


Maybe I should get tested just to be sure. :wink:


Welcome back!:sunglasses:


:nine::zero::one: for me! :glowforge::sunglasses:


Wow 1000 days. I had no idea that I’ve been active here that long.


There are a lot of people I :love: here.


Welcome back!

I’m at 998. Dang, that’s a long time!


I’m the new kid on the block at 844. :grinning:
(Oh, no wait… @hansepe is even squeakier.)


I am determined to make the bird house (The Camper looking one) this week! I need to “Just Do It”

What I have been doing…

  • Make lots of cakes
  • Went on a 3 week fishing trip
  • Went to Sin City
  • Play VR Games
  • Help plan 3 bridal showers/3 bachelorette parties/3 weddings (Being party of a bridal party is exhausting LOL) Girls can get wild…
  • Actually go to work and do my job :sweat_smile:
    -Clearly ignoring my Glowforge… (Bad Bad Bad)