Home Depot “White coated STD Hardwood”

Has anyone used this? I found an old post about it from ‘18 (MDF vs STD hardboard for lasers) but there didn’t seem to be a definitive answer. If anyone’s used it, I’d love to know the settings!

I really like the look of this stuff (a cheaper alternative to white acrylic because it has a nice glossy sheen). However the name did give me pause. :joy:



I think you’ll find the settings close to 1/8” Proofgrade MDF, but you’ll want to dial them in. It’s easy to do!


For cutting on the whiteboard at Home Depot, I use 135/full and it cuts great.


Thank you! Have you used this wood in particular? (Or is yours MDF?) I haven’t heard of anyone using the STD so wasn’t certain it’s laser safe.

Thank you ~ I want to make sure it’s laser safe before I purchase it.

I would want to treat the STD wood with ceftriaxone and doxycycline first. :crazy_face:




I think the only way to be 100% sure about the white coating is to write the manufacturer and find out what it is. I have used the HD whiteboard/ dry erase boards and they worked well, but my local HD stopped carrying it. :frowning: It didn’t have a real glossy, acrylic feel to it though, and it would make me nervous using something that did without knowing for sure what it’s made out of.

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