Homing, centering, unable to print, offline....rinse and repeat

I see a lot of related topics pop up based on my title but most seemed to be closed since a technician took over.

I am struggling with a series of errors. This morning, my machine is alternating between centering, homing, unable to print and offline.

I had this exact same issue last Sunday and maybe a week before that. Then it’ll be just fine. For example, I made several cuts last night and not a single error. This morning, I’ve been trying to get it going for two hours now.

I’ve refreshed my browser.
Signed in/signed out.
Restarted my computer.
Used the app to reconnect to Wifi.
Taken material out, put it back in.
Turned machine off, turned it back on.

I’m running out of ideas because every time this happens, it kind of magically fixes itself. Nothing in particular seems to fix it on my end. It just eventually works.

What else can I do?

I am having the same issues.

Have you restarted your router?

I did! I actually typed that on the list but apparently lost that version of the post while RESTARTING THE ROUTER lol :woman_facepalming:t2:

I ended up walking away for the day. Between this and my Cameo not working, I was kind of fed up. I just turned on the machine and so far, everything sounds and looks okay. I haven’t put material in or started a cut, but I’m crossing my fingers!!! Like I said, the last time this happened and I tried for hours, I gave up and several days later, it was fine. I hope that is the case today…we’ll see…

EDIT: sure enough, same project and material I was trying for HOURS yesterday…worked right away this morning. No idea why. I’m hoping to upgrade soon but I just need it to get me through another month or so. Good thing this is actually my slow time of year.

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It was almost certainly due to WiFi issues, and restarting the router was a good move.

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