Homing/Scanning/Centering Problem + Glowforge shut off and powered back on mid-engrave

Hello. First time posting. I’ve contacted Glowforge for support, but thought I would post here too.

I got my Glowforge Pro in late-february. I have mostly been engraving wooden spoons, cork coasters, cutting boards and some craft projects.

Last weekend, my Glowforge was stuck in homing/centering/scanning mode for longer than usual. I did some troubleshooting and was able to get it to finally calibrate the print only to have the magic button either a) not glow or b) glow and stay lit. I powered off, unplugged, restarted my computer and eventually was able to get it printing, but inconsistently and taking way to long to get a job done.

Support told me to try to reset router and/or move closer to machine so I reset the router, but I can’t move it any closer. I tried to reset wi-fi. We have a 5G signal and a 2.4 signal. I held down magic button until it glowed teal and tried to begin setup process again, but I got interrupted and had to cancel.

Today when I powered on machine, it sounded a little different and bubbles started flooding the laser tube. I could also hear lots of gurgling/liquid in the coolant reservoir. I read about checking for leaks, but it doesn’t appear to be damp anywhere by reservoir or under crumb tray. I also checked the laser tube for a leak. I don’t know if it started to go through the purge process again since I tried to do setup? The liquid sound in reservoir stopped once the bubbles disappeared from tube.

There was leakage/wetness when I received my Glowforge. I contacted support and was told that this sometimes happens in shipping and to wipe down and begin setup process and I haven’t had any issues until now.

I’ve read some other threads about bubbles in the laser not being a good sign. Has anyone tried to reset wifi or connect different wifi and have the purge process begin again? I’ve contact support again so I will wait. Glowforge is currently stuck in scanning again.

There is no “purge process”… the pump runs when the machine is on, it’s virtually silent. Air might get into the system, it will be flushed out and doesn’t harm anything.

As to wifi issues, try using your phone as a hotspot for the machine (and only the machine), that will eliminate your wifi as a source of the connectivity issues.

Thank you for your reply. I just cleaned the lenses and was able to get something printed, so maybe that was the issue. The purge I was referring to is when you first run setup and machine purges bubbles out of laser. I thought maybe it was doing that again. I’ll try the hotspot trick. Thanks

FYI posting here is also contacting support, so you’ve created a duplicate support ticket. They’ll come along and close this one, since you’ve already emailed them.

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Great. I was also posting to see if anyone had similar issues/feedback.

I’ve been at this all day with trouble shooting. I printed the Gift of Good Measure after several unsuccessful attempts to get glowforge laser to fire. Print head is moving, but not engraving. I went back to proofgrade material and no engrave. I uploaded a design that I have had success with and boom…engraved. Now trying a different design and no engrave. I am designing in illustrator…combo of text and shapes. Converted to outlines and saved as .svg files. Everything looks good to go, but then nothing prints. Still having intermittent issues with magic button not glowing when ready to print. This is super frustrating, I have orders to fulfill!

Make sure your white cable is snapped into the head properly. Sounds like it could be loose.

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Thank you for that suggestion.

It is connected securely. I just removed and reattached the printer head today.

I just lost power again mid-engrave. Glowforge shuts off and on again. This is the 3rd time this weekend.

Set my phone up as a hotspot and have it right next to machine. Now it is engraving the files that it wouldn’t fire the laser for all day and zero issues with button not lighting up. So that’s encouraging. While all of the sudden connectivity issues? I don’t know. It was connected to hotspot when it lost power though too.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.