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How often do others need to re-connect their wi-fi networks or reset there routers?

I only fire up my pepe about once a quarter, I understand waiting for updates, but this is the third time in a row, that I’ve had to reconnect the machine to my router. Each time it’s taken several rounds of “connect”, not working if this continues, reset the entire system … My modem & router are FINE (no really they are less than 18 months old) nothing else in the house has issue with the wifi connection.

So I am wondering if I am just randomly hitting my fire up date with big updates and it’s something I’ll need to expect when getting ready to work? Does everyone need to do this every few months Or is this something support should be looking at? (I am on my second machine and both machines had this issue)

Never in over two years.

Updates are downloaded once the machine powers up and successfully connects to wifi/internet.


I’ve had to reboot the router twice in the last 4-5 months, but not reconnect the glowforge.

Never in the last 2 years, except to run the calibration of the camera.

@support? @dan?

Never had any issues with my wi-fi, have never reset in over 2 years with my basic.

Really? You want the CEO of the company to help you troubleshoot your wifi issues?

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ugh — I also tried to tag @Support… what the hell? @eflyguy No - I tagged him … cause… it’s an issue, do I expect HIM to answer… no…people tag me (I own a company) when there is an issue…this is my relaxation time and I go to “play” and my machine hasn’t worked the last three times I’ve gone to use it… this is an issue…Now… why cant I tag @support? that’s just silly in a support forum.

Posting here opens a support ticket. Same as email. Standard response is three business days.

Get into the habit of turning the machine on once in a while to let it get any updates out of the way. (At a minimum, once a week.)

When there are a bunch of updates backed up in the system, that require resets and have to load in a correct order, it can cause things to hang up when you turn it on for the first time in a long time. :slightly_smiling_face:

And while you’re at it…run a job. It’s very relaxing. :wink:


@Jules – I have to be in the same location as the machine to do that… I come here to my studio/second home.

However, that’s not a bad thought / sentiment about certain uploads needing to be done in a certain order. Logical and helpful. Thanks! It’s just a matter of finding a routine that doesnt leave me cranky pants when Im finally ready to cut.

Really, thanks.

No … really, thank you @Jules!

Chuckle! No problem. I had mine hang up once when I left it too long unattended. Rebooting fixed it, but that is kind of a drag.

Me neither.

I also have not had any WiFi issues or need to repeat setup in ~2 years.

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You’ve already tagged support by posting in P&S – it opens a support ticket.

As to how often, I have to reset mine pretty frequently. We live (as of a month ago) out in the sticks and have crappy Internet that goes down if the wind blows or it rains a little. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just after I first got it set up and working, the ISP changed something that required a factory reset on my machine, and another time changing the channel on my 2.4GHz network fixed it. But usually just resetting the router and the machine is enough.


Three years now and I have never had a wifi connectivity issue with my Glowforge.

That said, wifi connectivity is a pinch point in the process for some people.

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The quality of your Wifi is not a part the Glowforge, those with good service and situation have not seen any problems.

i’m not sure i would completely exonerate GF from the wifi issues. just because some people have had solid connections doesn’t mean that the wifi couldn’t stand for some improvements. lots of people have no issue with other devices in the same location, but do have issues with GF.

that’s not to say everyone who’s had a problem was an issue with the GF, just to say that it’s not as simple as “your wifi obviously isn’t good enough.”