Honeycomb bed holdown pins

Thanks for sharing! Apologies if this is posted somewhere and I missed it…what thickness of material is ideal to cut these out of?

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Just the regular draftboard :slight_smile:


Can someone include a picture of them in use / alone?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I used medium draft board (.120)
The pix are on the original post . I cross linked it in the top of this thread


I cut some out of 1/8" Baltic Birch which is really about 0.122" and they work just fine. Thanks again @eljefe4!


Here is the link to the original post showing them in use.

Great idea. Will be making some soon. Thanks for the file.

I made over a dozen!

Super clever. Thank you for sharing this.

Thanks for sharing!

Super helpful - especially with sometimes-warped non proof grade baltic birch (and I’m sure other things, but this is where I’m starting!). Thanks so much for sharing!

My only concern here is that it puts stress on the honeycomb. I’m reluctant to wedge anything into the grid like that.

No worries. The pin will break before the honeycomb will. I’m really liking them.


I’m worried more about deforming not breaking, but I should maybe give them a whirl when my magnets let me down.

OK…I’m going to be the PITA here. I downloaded the file (thank you again, @eljefe4) and copy/pasted several more of them in the UI and cut them all out of some scrap. They’re too small for the honeycomb and slip out way too easily. I’m guessing maybe when I was copy/pasting that I accidentally resized it to be too small, then of course ended up with all of them being too small? Anyone agree with that theory? I may try it again, but this time add more of them in the SVG before I load it into the UI.

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Scrap what? Pretty tightly designed for draftboard. Anything thinner would slip.

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Mine were just a hair too large, i had to shave them down just a touch.

You might have scaled it down accidentally, but keep in mind, they fit into the grid with the top fin running in a NE to SW orientation. (Or NW to SE).


Maple. Are they only designed for draftboard?

I was able to secure a few of them just as you describe, but most of them wouldn’t stay tight in any direction.

Oh yeah, mine are really tight. You might have shrunk em’ a bit.

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