What to do with precious proof grade scraps?


Make some . You will find these useful. As soon as I figure out where to share Files. I’ll
Be happy to offer it “open source”:wink: . Is there a files section for that purpose ?

here is a link to the post where i put the file yesterday (in case it didn’t make sense.) Honeycomb bed holdown pins


Great idea and use of scraps! Generous of you to offer the file too. There is a “free laser design” category you can post it in.


Nice work - well thought out design. :+1:


As @kittski said, there is the “free laser design” category, you can zip your file and then drag it right into your post. You can do the same with an SVG but by zipping there is a less chance of corrupting it. And thanks.

Fantastic use for scraps! I would definitely use those. Sometimes the big magnets I use take up too much room on the edge of the board.

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Brilliant idea, using the crumb tray grate to hold the pins in place! I’ll be printing a bunch of them once they’re available! @dan you should put 'em in the catalog! Perfect “second print” after the ruler!


Yeah, those are nicer than the ones I was using! Great job on them! :grinning:


These are fantastic! What an innovative idea!

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truly such a great idea


Thank you very much! These are awesome!

wow… what a brilliant idea!

Thank you Jefe!

This is excellent! Thank you!

Great idea. I have been using magnets since day one. But this is a great idea.


Thanks so much for sharing these!

Now, how best to print as many as you can in a piece of PG…I’ve tried using this design here at http://svgnest.com and cannot seem to get it to work. Any ideas? TIA

Just encountered a pretty warped piece of MDF and I remembered this post. Zapped out 6 of these little cleats and they worked great. I made mine from ‘eighth inch’ MDF (closer to .13" in reality) and they are a very tight fit - I might make some that are a hair smaller so they don’t damage the honeycomb.

I just tried that web app also . Seems to make a mess of things. Seemed like that app would have lots of poterntial. SVG are funny animals and often behave strangely depending on the encoding. I would be glad to lay them out for you. I tend to use Corel draw for laser design and occasionally have compatibility problems. I’m
Not sure if this will help but I use it all the time to fix SVG files for web app development (my day job)
Check it out. I haven’t run the bed pins through it yet…

This is a handy tool I found a few months ago.


Thanks @eljefe4 I also had the problem where the word “Forge” didn’t show up when I printed mine. :confused:

i figured most people would remove the words anyway… probably doubles (or more) the run time. just there to humor myself…

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