Honeycomb bed holdown pins


i actually adapted these for the honeycomb in the universal laser at work (had to make them slightly bigger). occasionally frustrated with the aluminum honeycomb it has because i can’t use magnets, so these helped with a cut i did with some warped BB last week.


Out of the box thinking is good.
If you have that warped board you want to use and the Actual Middle is going to be scrap, punch a fast hole in the middle and you can also hold it down there as well as the edges.

Worked for me…


it’s funny, i have a very different perspective on using the laser cutter than my architect coworkers. they’re used to working with our main model shop who has a very strict process on how they do things. very useful there because they crank out a ridiculous volume of architectural models, but always a PITA if i want to work with them.

so here i come and just do random stuff, like i do at home. and i’m way happier working w/our own machine because i can just do what i want (within safety and reason). i’m just hoping our architects learn to step outside their own boxes and get a little creative with how they use it.


This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing.

Crumbtray Square

These are great! I was just about to design something to hold down material before I came across this. Thanks for sharing!


These are the second thing I printed. I think these should be mandatory even! I use them pretty much every print I do. To line up items or hold the down. These are the way to go.


These are absolutely genius. Sometimes it’s the seemingly simplest solutions that are the absolute best. I LOVE MINE. You should be selling this!!!


Thanks! These are a great idea. I tried to upload the file today to make some, but the gfui isn’t having it. Has anyone else had trouble with the file?


Thank you so much!!! very very helpful!!..


Assuming you downloaded the .ZIP file, you need to “expand” that/extract the files within. Windows will often allow you to view the contents without actually creating the files, so you will not see the .SVG file to upload - try right-clicking on the .ZIP and see if there are options to extract/expand, then you should have a new folder with the .SVG files inside.


Thanks, but I’ve already done all of that. It’s uploading the actual SVG file that is failing. I even redrew the pin to see if it would help. The new file also fails to upload. As did several other files yesterday. I don’t think it’s what I’m doing, I think there may be a server issue. I’ve seen comments from several other people who were also having trouble uploading files.


I just downloaded the original file posted above and you are correct - it will not open in the GFUI. The project I created when I downloaded that same file back when this thread was started still opens and cuts as designed. So the import feature appears to be broken at the moment, which is strange, as I’ve been uploading designs all day as I work on a project…


Jules made a comment on another thread about SVG files from Corel and Affinity programs not currently loading. Seems to be the common problem right now. Bet they changed a line in the code and it borked the two program’s translations for the GFUI. Hoping it gets fixed soon.


It’s been fixed. Try again.


@eljefe4 - Thank you!! These are awesome. Finally got the SVG to upload, and ended up using the pins on the next thing I cut. These are pretty much exactly what I was thinking I needed for a couple of things I cut last week. Super cool. :slight_smile:


“Happiness is a fresh set of honeycomb bed holddown pins.”


Or a dozen. Because you can. :wink:


A very useful tool, thanks for sharing


Thank you for the file. The pins work great!


Yes. Me too. Thanks! Great design!